Dr Otto
to gain the world and lose your soul?


An excellent man; he has no enemies; and none of his friends like him.
O. Wilde

Combine incompatible.
Not deviate from principles, not give up attempts to find the truth while being constantly criticized.
Try not to go too far, but have no friends whose persuasions seem too strict.
In what way? and What for?

In modern society it is hard to adhere to principles of Christian morality, it is really difficult to keep trying to keep Christ’s commandment in everyday life. At the same time it's not a simple matter not to outrun the life where material values prevail over spiritual ones. Is there any mode of life which let you not committing sins and let you not be the social outcast?

My art is an attempt to find answers to these questions. In every poem, in every tale there are speculations about a place of a Christian in life. I hope my art will be of any help…


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